Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Discovered - The Lost 12th Hole: San Antonio's Golfer Oasis

   The 19th hole is usually the traditional stopping place for golfers.  After a full day of play, linksters will  retire to the 19th hole for a few cool ones and perhaps a snack or two. Ask any old timer about the 12th hole at Brackenridge Golf Course and he will tell you about the best burgers and the coldest beer this side of Augusta.
   For many years, just beyond the 12th green at brace was a small privately owned snack bar called the 12th Hole that sold whatever a golfer required, as long as it could be cooked on a grill or kept in a cooler. It was the perfect way to beat the heat. Often a golfing party would play 12 holes, then stop and refresh themselves before finishing the final six holes.
   When 281 / McAllister Freeway was built, it cut severely into the Brackenridge Golf Course. Consequently, the course had to be reshaped, making it much smaller than the original version. The 12th Hole was the biggest casualty. The old green was on the other side of the new freeway, leaving it and the restaurant completely cut off from the course.

The abandoned green, on the other side of 281, separated from the rest of the course
   The 12th Hole tried to make it on it's own for a few years, but it was difficult to reach. It passed through different owners and finally closed in 1985.
   A few weeks ago, I tried to find the old green and burger stand. I went south on St Mary's from 281 and turned left at Terry's Court. The green still exists, but is only recognizable by the raised unkept mound. The burger stand and former deck that sat so calmly under a giant pecan tree also remain, but sadly in a state of disrepair, behind years of over growth.

The original 12 Hole Burger Stand, now hidden behind years of  neglect, the flat plywood covers the pick up window

The remnants of the once crowded deck

The giant pecan tree, unkept but still towering over the now hidden 12th Hole

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