Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Know You're Old If You Can Remember When The Spurs Were Bad


Being a Spurs fan is the equivalent of winning the sports lottery. They've won 4 NBA titles. The last time the team didn't win 50 games was in 1999, and that was only because the season was shortened due to labor strife. That was however, the year the team won it's first NBA title.

  The last time the team was under .500  and didn't make the playoffs was 1997, but that was mainly due to David Robinson being out the entire season due to injury.  The years before that, the team reeled off 7 straight playoff appearances.

  The last time the team had been truly bad was 1989, the year before Robinson got out of the Navy and joined the Spurs. They were 21- 61and hadn't had a winning record in six consecutive years.

 If you can remember when the Spurs used to be bad, you can remember when . .  

The average house cost $120,000 (and you'd just about have that mortgage paid off)You had to lick a stamp that cost 25 cents.  

This was our president

This couple had their fist date

Harry Potter books hadn't even been written and the actor who portrayed him had just been born

You were cool if you had this really compact cellular phone . . . 

. . . and this awesome haircut (Who knew the Bat Shirt was so timeless?)

This is where you had to go after you took a photograph

This is what your music collection looked like

A place you visited to write term papers, because the internet hadn't been developed

You paid $5 to get one of these, which allowed you into old Hemisfair Arena (and may of had to sit behind a post)

and this skinny kid hadn't even won one NBA Title

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