Monday, July 1, 2013

The Rebirth of Cool Crest

Dedicated to Mark Stewart. He'll be so happy to know that it's back

      On June 30, 2013, Cool Crest Miniature Golf reopened on Fredericksburg Road. The historic course had been closed since 2007 when Maria Metzger, wife of the original owner, became too old to operate the attraction. She died in 2010 and the place fell into disrepair.

   Last summer, the Andry Brothers purchased Cool Crest and restored it to its original glory. 

  To celebrate the rebirth, a photo retrospective.

The Cool Crest sign on Fredericksburg Road, needing repair

The tropical decor had taken over since 2010

A photo from opening day after the Metzger's purchased Cool Crest

A party of teenagers enjoying Cool Crest in the 60s, the tropical decor in all its glory
Some San Antonians have been holding on to this card forever

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1 comment:

  1. So glad to see this treasure is not lost. As the scorecard said, "Truly the most beautiful spot in San Antonio".

    I was actually the recipient of one of the free lessons offered by the original owner. He was patient, but it didn't help.